Carolina Sanchez therapies

Carolina Sanchez

Yoga Teacher and Massage Therapist

 Carolina has BA in Dance, is a certified Yoga Teacher and Massage therapist. Has trained in somatic movement disciplines -among them Feldenkrais and Eutonia (both disciplines that teach how to observe movement and the comprehension of the human being). Also has trained in martial arts (Kalaripayattu/Indian martial art/ and Kung-Fu), Circus, physical theatre, acrobatics, and puppet and object theatre, among others. In 2001, Carolina was introduced to Ashtanga Yoga as part of her dance training. In 2009 she moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she started to teach Yoga consistently, working with private clients and Gyms. Two years later, on 2011, moved to London. Since then she has been working with a diverse clientele from VIP clients in 5 stars hotels, charities, gyms, women’s centres to drug and alcohol services and private clients. The diverse experience has given her the insight to understand that every person has something particular and fascinating to work with. Carolina’s Yoga classes focus on body mechanics, mobility, posture foundations and the intrinsic relation between hips and spine.

Carolina’s holistic approach to massage promotes a strong sense of wellbeing and provides deep muscle relief.  The massage consists of a full body massage using different strokes for specific purpose such as relaxation, stimulation, tension release, muscle toning and increase in range of motion. Pressure application is adapted to each client’s individual needs, however it is never intrusive or painful. The massage works on the bigger primary muscles of the body and is recommended to anyone who is in need of body restoration, relaxation and vitality.

 “Being a massage therapist has given me the opportunity to use my senses in an extraordinary way, as the massage allows a non-verbal communication between the giver and receiver. Massage is a sacred healing practice and I respect every single aspect of it hence my dedication to make every treatment a unique sensorial experience”.


“I have been interested in movement and my entire life. I consider myself an observer, and an admirer of the human body and the way people articulate gestures and postures”.


I wanted to say a big thank you to Carolina for her dedication, expertise, and firm commitment to our yoga sessions which have truly transformed my physical and mental well-being. It’s evident that she has not only polished our skills but also possess a natural understanding of how to cater to each individual’s unique needs. One of the qualities I admire most about Carolina is her steady dedication. Come rain or shine, she’s always there, ready to lead us through refreshing yoga sessions. Her determination is deep and inspiring, and it has motivated me to stay committed to my practice for the last 8 years. As someone who spends long hours behind a desk, these weekly sessions with her have become an absolute lifeline. The way she guides us through poses, helping us release tension and untangle the knots that accumulate from our sedentary lifestyles, is nothing short of magical. Carolina is more than just a yoga instructor; she’s a true wellness guide. Her teachings extend beyond the mat, touching every aspect of our life. Her calming presence and genuine care for her students create an environment of trust and growth that is truly transformative, and I’m excited to continue this journey of wellness and self-discovery under her guidance.

Fatima Salmani 

Tuesday’s online class (Community class)