Carolina Sanchez therapies

Membership &
Class Prices


Online Group CLass

£35 per Month

These classes are weekly on Tuesday from 5.30pm. Trial class free then expected monthly direct debit payment in advance thereafter 



You can have a free trial online class on Tuesday at 5.30pm

1:1 Yoga


I offer one to one yoga at my place or yours. I will assess your needs and we will work towards your goals (additional fee may apply for travel expense)

Holistic Massage


I  offer Holistic Massage at my home. I will assess your needs and work with (almond) oil to provide a holistic massage.  This massage lasts for 1 hour

Kansa Vakti Massage


Kansa Vatki is the massaging of the feet with a metal bowl consisting of Copper, Zinc and Tin. The aim is to eliminate excess heat from the body (in line with Ayurvedic Indian tradition). This massage lasts for 1 hour. 

Ayurvedic Foot Massage


I offer Ayurvedic foot massage.

Terms & Conditions

Whilst my aim is to ensure people are happy with my services I know that sometimes things can go wrong. When they do  I will work with you to ensure your concerns and issues are met. If you have a complaint about my work, please do let me know.

Please be punctual. If you are late we can guarantee you will receive the time period agreed. 

I expect payment in advance. If you opt to cancel 48 hours in advance I will refund your payment (not including monthly subscription). If you opt to cancel within 48 hours of the class or massage I will be unable to refund your payment.